Dottie & Bea

Dottie & Bea handmade dolls are made with natural materials, including organic cotton for the head and body and pure sheep’s wool for the filling. It is crafted following traditional European doll-making techniques.

A natural doll  is soft and warm to the touch and will grow softer with years of love and play. Wool has the the ability to take on the scent of the home, and as such, wool filled dolls are often called “bonding dolls”.

The simplicity of the facial expression invites the child playing with it to imagine the mood of the doll.

made for play

handmade heirloom dolls

all natural materials


Your beautiful doll arrived today and oh my goodness, we are in LOVE!!! ...They are so well crafted and such a wonderful treasure for the little ones to cherish.


We love the dolls we bought back in May - I am definitely looking to get another one for Christmas!


Sonny went back to work last week, and Joia has been carrying around her dolly a lot since then. Thank you so much.


My daughter LOVES her dolly!! Thank you so much, I can't get over how beautiful this doll is. You are so talented.