All Dottie & Bea handmade dolls contain:

How to care for your wool filled Dottie & Bea doll:

* It is best to spot clean surface soils.

However, when in need, wool filled dolls can be thoroughly cleaned by submerging in lukewarm water mixed with 1 teaspoon mild dish washing soap (like Dawn), or specially formulated wool wash soap. 

It is very important to not wring out the doll or hair because the wool will felt and become lumpy!

Let the doll soak for 20 minutes, then remove from the water while LIGHTLY pressing out the excess water. Add more lukewarm water to basin then place doll back in (this additional step will help remove any excess soap). Let the doll soak again for just a few minutes, remove from the water, lay on clean towel and again LIGHTLY press out the excess water. 

Lay the doll flat on a clean towel to dry. 

It may take a couple days to fully dry, depending on the humidity of your climate. When possible, let the doll dry in a sunny spot. 

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